100% Pure Virgin Wool Duvet

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Royal Elite's wool duvet is filled with the finest selected Australian wool. It provides superior light-weight comfort with optimum insulation. Wool duvets are beneficial in wicking away excess moisture during rest, leaving you feeling more comfortable and enabling a good night's sleep. Wool duvets keep you at an ideal temperature in every season and climate. The 100% fine cotton shell is filled with a naturally hypoallergenic, 100% pure virgin wool for maximum comfort. Enrich your "relaxing moments" with a Maholi wool duvet and enjoy the serenity of a refreshing sleeping environment.

Brand: Royal Elite SKU#: OWD-001
Filling: 100% Pure Virgin Wool
Casing: 100% Fine Cotton Shell
Treatment: Naturally hypoallergenic
Care: Dry cleaning recommended

Size Guide:

  • Twin - 66 x 88"
  • Double - 80 x 88"
  • Queen - 90 x 88"
  • King - 104 x 88"
  • Super King - 115 x 102"

Please note:  Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.  They can be affected by the amount of fill in each item. 

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