Quality Information

Maholi linens are made from the highest quality combed Egyptian cotton. We comb out impurities so you're left with one of the softest, longest fibers available. This long fibre creates a supple and durable product that is assured to provide many years of comfort and enjoyment. Egyptian cotton actually softens after repeated use. It is durable, soft, breathable and all natural.

Maholi is also a member of the Down Association of Canada and meets their stringent specifications. Our down products carry the "Downmark" label of guaranteed excellence and provides assurance that our products are as stated.

We use only top quality goose or duck down such as Canadian White, Hutterite, Select and Superior White, European, Hungarian, Northern Arctic Link Grey Goose, and Eider. With the use of down-proof cotton shells and a high fill power down, we offer a myriad of choices for comfort the will suit each individual's specific requirements.

All of our down is repeatedly washed and treated to be hypoallergenic and we use down-proof cotton shells that prevent the down from migrating out. We are innovators in creating equipment and products that help revolutionize the way we manufacture our bedding. Our goal is to create exceptional products and satisfied customers and in the process create lifelong consumers of Maholi brand products.

Look for our products under the Maholi, Royal Elite, and Ambassador label. Trusted names that represent quality and value in high end bedding products.

For more information about our products, please contact us at info@maholi.com or call us at (416) 598-8965.

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