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Natural Goose Down Comforters

After a tired day, what better way to get a comfortable and ultimate sleep experience than with Goose Down Duvets? Our duvets are filled with white goose down, bringing a new level of unbeaten comfort and luxury to your nights. The Downmark certification guarantees you that we use only genuine down feathers. Safety and eco-friendliness are at the heart of our production process. Our duvets bear the Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® label, ensuring they are free from harmful substances. Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification assures our promising ethical sourcing and responsible treatment of animals. Made in Canada label and recognition from The Down Association of Canada attests to our commitment to quality and authenticity. Explore our collection to embrace a relaxing night's sleep with our hypoallergenic natural goose-down duvets.

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  1. Royal Elite - Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down Duvet
  2. Royal Elite - Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter
    Royal Elite - Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter
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  3. Royal Elite - White Goose Down Duvet
    Royal Elite - White Goose Down Comforter
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  4. Royal Elite - Superior White Goose Down Comforter
    Royal Elite - Superior White Goose Down Comforter
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  5. Royal Elite - Harmony White Goose Down Dual Zone Duvet
    Royal Elite - Harmony White Goose Down Dual Zone Comforter
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Experience Ultimate Luxury with our Premium Goose Down Duvets in Canada

Discover luxury and comfort with our 100% fine cotton down-proof shell duvets, carefully woven with a lavish 280 thread count percale and 400 thread count sateen. This carefully crafted bedding guarantees a night of unparalleled comfort, enveloping you in softness and sophistication. The high-quality fabric ensures the down stays securely within the duvet, providing a cloud-like feel.

Multiple Fill Power Options for Personalized Comfort

Whether you prefer a light, airy feel or a warmer, cozier experience, our duvets cater to your needs. You can select from various fill power options (625+, 700+, 725+, 850+) to find the perfect duvet that suits your warmth preferences. These fabulous natural goose down duvets creates a plump, fluffy look and maintains a beautiful drape over the bed. You can quickly bring the hotel look into your bedroom with these duvets.

Certified Duvets – A symbol of Quality and Safety

Our Certified DOWNMARK® label guarantees the authenticity and quality of the down used in our duvets. We take pride in our Canadian heritage, and our cotton-down duvets are filled and crafted in Canada with the finest imported materials. This commitment to quality ensures you receive a duvet that displays excellence and represents comfort. We understand the importance of a safe sleep environment. Rest easy knowing that our cotton down duvets is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, guaranteeing they are free from harmful substances. So, prioritize your well-being without compromising on luxury.

Caring for our planet and its inhabitants is a priority at Maholi. Our natural goose down duvets proudly holds the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification, ensuring that the down used in our duvets comes from ethically and responsibly treated geese. This commitment to sustainability reflects our dedication to a better world.

Ethical & Environmentally Friendly

Embrace a peaceful night as our hypoallergenic duvets are enhanced with the Ultra-Fresh Anti Microbial label, keeping allergens at bay and ensuring a restful night for everyone. Filled with mature Hutterite white down from Canada and Hungarian white goose down from Europe, our natural goose duvets are known for their superior loft and insulation properties. This premium down is sourced ethically, adhering to responsible practices, and is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This ensures it is free from harmful substances and an indulgent sleeping experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated each morning.

Expert Craftsmanship with Baffle Box Construction

Filled and expertly crafted in Canada with imported materials, our duvets feature baffle box construction. This design prevents the down from shifting, ensuring an even distribution of warmth throughout the duvet and eliminating cold spots. Moreover, the four corner loops sewn into the corners of the duvet cover secure the duvet in place, prevents unevenness, ease duvet cover attachment, and maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Reinforced seams with double stitching around the duvet guarantee long-lasting durability, providing you with years of exceptional comfort and support.

Expert Care for Longevity

Give your goose down duvet a breath of fresh air for the ultimate freshness. Leave it outside, away from direct sunlight, for a few hours. Afterward, toss it into the dry on a fluff setting, and give it a good shake for maximum loftiness.

To maintain the perfect condition of your cotton down duvet, we recommend entrusting it to a dry cleaner specialist experienced in down bedding products. Avoid machine washing to preserve its loftiness and coziness. For spills or stains, gently spot-clean your duvet with Zero® or Woolite® soap to preserve its quality.

Treat your duvet with care, and it will reward you with lasting comfort. Sleep Better! Live Better!