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Luxurious Goose Down Pillows

Getting the sleep you've been dreaming of is just a click away with Maholi. We deal in a good night’s sleep through our bedding products. Among these, our Goose Down Pillows are the softest and fluffiest surface to rest your head upon. Made with safe and quality Down, they are your escape to a sleepy landscape.

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  1. Sustainability Royal Elite - Premium White Goose Down Pillow
    Royal Elite - Premium White Goose Down Pillow
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  2. Sustainability Royal Elite - White Goose Down Chamber Lock Pillow
    Royal Elite - White Goose Down Chamber Lock Pillow
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  3. Sustainability Royal Elite - White Goose Down Pillow
    Royal Elite - White Goose Down Pillow
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Goose Down Pillows for a Good Night's Rest

Maholi's Goose Down pillows are made from the soft feathers of geese. It is a popular choice among people who know what it takes for quality sleep. Sleeping on our pillows will make you fall in love with its comfort as you slowly drift into your dreams. We have options to cater to every choice and need. If you love the unique design, our White Goose Down Chamber Lock Pillow with 650+ loft is the ONE for you. Or, if you want to bring the feel of clouds to your bedroom, our Hutterite White Goose Down Pillow give you the softness of 850+ fill power. Explore our online store to find the solution to your bedding problems. 

Your Comfort, Our Care

Pillows are not just about sleep; they're more about sleeping right. A quality pillow can help you align your neck and back posture in the right way. This allows you to enjoy a good and healthy sleep experience. The filling does play a crucial role in comfort, but the shell is also something you can’t ignore. All of our Goose Down Pillows are made from Down-proof 100% cotton shells. These pillow shells allow air to circulate easily, which, in turn, provides optimal sleeping conditions- not too hot or cold. The quality of hypoallergenic also contributes to the overall grace of our products. 

You can gauge the value and quality of a down pillow with the number of Canadian standards they pass. When it comes to our pillows, we are DOWNMARK® certified. This certification comes bearing DOWNMARK® and OEKO-TEX® labels. So, while shopping with us, you can be sure of getting a product free of harmful components. 

Maholi: A Company Made With Value And Quality 

The first thing you should know about Maholi's goose down pillows is that we choose our Down-sourcing partners with care. We ensure our raw materials are treated well to remove allergens and are breathable to the core. In addition, they should comply with all ethical and safety standards set out by the Government of Canada. As a brand that deals in people's sleep, we have a number of certifications backing our end product. We are Responsible Down Standard (RDS®), Global Recycled Standard (GRS®), and Canadian Down Standard (CDS) certified. Also, we have been an active member of the Down Association of Canada since our beginning in 1994. We care for the well-being of animals’ lives. That’s why we order Down from sources where humane treatment of geese or ducks is done. Shopping with us will not only give you a quality product but also make you feel like a responsible child of the planet Earth.