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Bamboo Comforters

Bamboo fibre duvets are another eco-friendly option that provides the same ultra-comfortable, soft, and puffy comforter experience you've come to expect from Maholi in Canada and USA. Choose a bamboo or bamboo viscose selection to experience a new type of temperature regulation comfort that will change your sleep experience forever.

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  1. Royal Elite - Bamboo Viscose Comforter
    Royal Elite - Bamboo Viscose Comforter
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  2. Royal Elite - Bamboo Comforter
    Royal Elite - Bamboo Comforter
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Maholi's Bamboo duvet rang a sustainable future. Harness the power of nature in your sleep as our bamboo duvets give you immense pleasure and restfulness when you lay in them. Our Bamboo duvets range is made from sustainable-sourced rayon fibers for a comfortable, softer, and more relaxed sleep. We are a proudly Canadian company that specializes in creating naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking bamboo sheets range that you can buy at an affordable price point.

Our bamboo sheet sets keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. You get three times better sleep than a baby. We, as bamboo bedding retailers, strive to provide you with a premium bamboo duvets range that helps you wake up rejuvenated and relaxed the other day.

Luxury Bamboo Duvets that Resist Bacteria

When a Good night sleep is so important and you spend so much time doing it, so it makes sense to purchase fine quality. So, when you will buy our range, you would get the best quality that will resist bacteria and will stay fresh naturally for a longer time. Your little one will remain protected when you will use the hypoallergenic bamboo down duvets as the fabric and material are so soothing on the skin, your baby would feel covered in a cocoon. The bamboo duvets sets are perfect for people with sensitivities, so in case if you are having any skin problems or any ailment related to breathing, or anxiety, our bamboo duvets would help to recover. Our bamboo duvet shams give you a relaxed and calm feeling when your mind and body would need to unwind after bearing the cruel hassles of the day.

Composed of quality materials, our bamboo duvet sets are made from 100 % bamboo viscose, which keeps the duvets 2-3 degrees cooler and many a time softer than other duvets which you use regularly. As Bamboo duvets are more pliant, it tends to make wrinkles naturally, so don't get amazed by their spontaneously crimpling quality, as it reflects their traits of softness and being utterly healthy for the skin.

You will get a fresh, clean, and odor-free feel and comfort when you sleep in our bamboo down duvets range. Apart from this, your bedroom space would be sufficient with the plush factor when you decorate it with our graceful bamboo down duvets range. The quality is durable and protects your bedding against stains, molds, and mildew. Our green living collection is truly luxurious and cozy which will enrich your sleeping experience.

Get a deep, body-hugging feel from the softer touch of these bamboo duvets and lay in the heaven-like sleep that you have always craved. Designed keeping in mind the firmer foams for balanced resistance and cushy charm so you heal your muscular pain problems as well.

So, dwell in the luxury and charm of our bamboo down duvets that are the best deal for availing yourself of a Good Night's sleep.

Eat, Sleep, and Rejuvenate with our lofty bedding accessories range !!