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Silk Comforters

A silk duvet is the perfect luxurious alternative to down and provides amazing comfort and warmth for anyone who struggles with sensitive skin from feather allergies. Maholi has options in both standard silk and premium mulberry silk so that you can transform your bedroom into a calming and upscale oasis.

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  1. Royal Elite - 300TC Mulberry Silk Comforter
    Royal Elite - 300TC Mulberry Silk Comforter
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  2. Royal Elite - Silk Comforter
    Royal Elite - Silk Comforter
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Welcome to the world of Maholi’s eco-friendly natural Silk Duvets. We focus these Duvets solely on Healthy Sleep. Our fabulous Silk Duvets are filled with the famous Mulberry Silk. Don’t be fooled by other Silk Duvet on the market, our Silk Duvet are 100% pure long strand Mulberry Silk. What’s more, many Silk Duvet on the market are box-stitched construction. These construction over time you will start to see the content leak often, there will be more cold spots, and shorter life span than the baffled-box construction. Our method provides year-round comfort, better circulation, even distributed that will eliminate cold sports and creating a more consistent temperature while you sleep peacefully.

Our Silk Duvets has many health benefits that provides Healthy Sleep:

  • Anti-aging: Our Silk Duvets are breathable and incredibly soft. It can wick away moisture allowing you stay cool and comfortable. It minimizes wrinkle allowing your bedroom to have a hotel look that you always wanted. Moreover, this natural Silk Duvet provides an effective anti-aging skin care treatment.
  • Hypoallergenic: Our Silk Duvets are free of any chemicals and great for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. These Mulberry Silk fibers are highly dust mite and bacteria free.
  • Lightweight & Optimal Warmth: Our Silk Duvets has the amazing ability to regulate your body temperate allowing you to stay comfortably cool when it is warm and cozy when it is cold. It is extremely lightweight and no night sweats, whereas other Silk Duvets on the market will make you sweat and heavy.