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Silk Comforters

In a world where sleep is a precious thing, finding the right bedding solutions is critical for your overall well-being and comfort. For this, Maholi’s Silk Duvets are your luxurious alternatives to down that can convert your bedroom into a calming and luxurious sleep haven. Silk duvets are a must for people with sensitive skin and severe feather allergies for peaceful sleep. 

Did you know silk duvets come in two options? They come in standard silk and premium mulberry silk to match the taste and preference of our valuable customers. Explore our offers and bring home the right duvet that gives you the satisfying sleep you wish for.

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Silk Duvets - Where Durability Meets Luxury

Silk is a natural material which is known for its soft, lightweight and durable characteristics. Silk Duvets are generally made up of a long strand of silk fibre to provide better warmth and comfort. They stand out amongst the other naturally occurring duvet materials, such as Wool or Cotton, on the following parameters. 

  • Sanitizing properties
  • Resistant to dust mites
  • Thermal regulation properties
  • Comfortable and healthy

At Maholi, our silk duvets are sewn the right way with a 100% silk cover to avoid bulking, shifting or cold spots over time. This approach helps us to design a silk duvet that provides comfortable and deep sleep to our valuable customers. 

Temperature Harmony at Its Best:

Did you know that silk has the property to regulate temperature? Duvets that are made using silk offer the optimal level of temperature control. These duvets can absorb the excess moisture during sleep to provide better sleeping conditions. Moreover, these duvets are not overstretched but padded to ensure a consistent thermal feel. 

No matter the weather, a duvet that has material of silk will keep you cozy in winter and cool in hot summer. Maholi’s Silk duvets can help you get the comfort and sleep you wish. 

Hypoallergenic and Pure:

One of the most attractive features of silk is that it is resistant to dust mites and bacteria. So when you choose silk duvets, you can be sure to get a sleep that is not only comfortable but healthy as well. These duvets are great for people with sensitive skin, as silk is known for its hypoallergenic traits. Say goodbye to restless nights and wake up refreshed with Maholi’s silk duvet. 

Weightless and Breathable:

Silk is light in weight as compared to synthetic materials used as filling. They don’t feel heavy on the body and allow a smooth circulation of air for easy breathing. In addition to this, a heavy duvet restricts your sleeping position, which might disturb your precious sleep. Contrary to this, a silk duvet gently follows the change in your body position during sleep to provide a better sleeping experience. 

Durability Meets Luxury:

Maholi's duvets are known to preserve their look and quality over a long period of time. This is because of silk which is regarded as one of the strongest and most durable fibre in nature. When you choose silk duvets, you are investing in both luxury and durability. 

Simple Care, Lasting Beauty:

Maintaining your silk duvet is effortless and simple. You just need to follow the care instructions provided by us to keep it in a pristine condition for the years to come. Below are some of the points that you can consider to protect the integrity of your duvets. 

  • Use a cover for your silk duvets to protect them from dust mites.
  • Avoid overwashing to extend the life and the quality of your duvet.
  • Take only a small amount of detergent to preserve the integrity of the fibres.
  • Do not use bleach and fabric softeners while washing. 
  • Remember to wash your duvets at regular intervals.

Tailored for You:

It is natural for people to select silk duvets that match their unique needs and requirements. These duvets come in different sizes and thread counts. They generally come in different sizes, such as twin, double, queen, and king. And for the thread counts, you can choose between 233-thread or 300-thread silk duvets as per your budget and needs. At Maholi, you get diverse options to choose from to match the taste and preference of your silk duvets. 

Experience the Maholi Difference:

The critical aspect that sets us apart from the rest is the sewing method we employ for the preparation of our silk duvets. Many duvets in the market are crafted using the box-stitched method, which can cause discomfort to the users. This construction method leads to duvet development with content leaks, cold spots, and shorter life spans. The construction method that we employ is the baffled-box sewing method, which is free of all the problems that the usual method poses.