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Microfiber Comforters

Warm, soft, and supple!! The microfiber duvets keep you snuggly and cozy while you're sleeping. Every good night's sleep begins with a comfortable duvet, so curl up with our microfiber duvet collection to help you sleep faster and better.

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  1. Maholi - Premium Microfiber Duvet
    Maholi - Premium Microfiber Duvet
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  2. Ambassador - Microfiber Comforter
    Ambassador - Microfiber Comforter
    As low as $135.00
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Give your bedroom space the makeover it deserves and surround yourself in tranquillity by buying our invigorating microfiber duvets range from Maholi Inc. Our range of Microfiber duvets in Canada is deliciously warm and keeps you snug in the unrelenting winter chill. The duvets are designed to retain heat on colder nights. The duvets are infused with natural materials and not toxic ones that give you long-lasting and heavenly comfort. Buy the range for sale online in the U.S.A and Canada to get the pleasant sleep you deserve.

Breathable and Celestial

Our Chic microfiber duvet is made with premium quality material to offer you a fantastic good night's sleep. Even people with skin disorders can sleep freely in these duvets without hassling over their skin allergies concerns. The fabric is breathable and temperature-regulating to give you the best-looking and most comfortable bedding.

Constructed for luxury, the super soft sets are specially stitched with cool-to-the-touch materials so that you stay peaceful while lying in the duvets. The range comes in Ambassador brand sizes like Twin, Double, Queen, and King. The fabric is double-brushed for softness and is made with anti-pilling fabric. Accentuated with the best temperature regulation properties, the duvet keeps you cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer. For easy cleaning and maintenance, you just need to toss in the washer and tumble dry for softness.

You also enjoy a myriad of health benefits as well when you use our elegant microfiber duvets. You sleep soundly using this fabulous assortment as you tend to get fewer allergies which commonly cause sneezing, sniffling, and a feeling of fullness in the sinuses. You also stay away from the floating particles of dust, mold spores, pet dander, and pollen which are airborne irritants that can get attached to the fabrics. You also stay apart from the thin layer of nose-reddening allergens when you switch to using this range of lovable duvets.

Saying goodbye to your dear to-heart duvets so early can be disappointing and also heartbreaking. So, this particular range has long-lasting durability that stands to standard wear and tear. The sticky microfiber duvet retains a high level of softness and flexibility. When you will induce this quality duvet into your daily usable bedding articles, you will see that you won't have to be distressed about getting nurturing sleep, plus the investment you have done would be worthy enough for irresistible rest.

Microfiber is a synthetic material that features a synthetic material with a water-repelling weave. It's one of the best options for hot sleepers to have a deep sleep every time they use it. The superior comfort easily blends into any room and d├ęcor style to have a subtle manner and touch of elegance in any bedroom space. Soft, cozy, and perfect for all seasons, the range improves your sleep quality, making you feel energized and relaxed the other day.