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Maholi - Premium Microfiber Duvet

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Discover the Royal Elite Premium Microfiber Duvet, where luxury meets lasting comfort. Wrapped in 100% fine cotton with a 300 thread count, and filled with premium 0.7 denier poly-fill, this duvet offers a soft, noiseless embrace for sound sleep. Crafted with superior baffle box construction and packaged in a reusable cotton bag, it's a testament to our nearly 30-year commitment to quality, ethics, and eco-friendly elegance. Sleep Better. Live Better with Royal Elite.

Summer Slumber Sale! Upto 20% Off Sitewide

*Limited Time Offer

Introducing the Royal Elite Premium Microfiber Duvet, a marriage of elegance, comfort, and conscientious craftsmanship, echoing nearly three decades of dedication to quality and ethical production. At Royal Elite, we've been perfecting the art of sleep since 1994, and we're delighted to present a product that captures the essence of our commitment to you, our discerning customer.

Exceptional Comfort with Unparalleled Quality: Adorned with a luxurious outer encasing of 100% fine cotton combed with a 300 thread count percale, this duvet is as soothing to the touch as a gentle whisper of wind. The super-soft texture will beckon you into a deep slumber, night after night.

Silent Nights, Sound Sleep: Do you ever find yourself awakened by the noise of your own bedding? With our duvet, those restless nights are a thing of the past. Thanks to its superior thread count, this duvet produces significantly less noise when you move, allowing you to sleep soundly and undisturbed.

Premium Filling, Premium Dreams: Filled with premium poly-fill of weight 0.7 denier, our duvet stands apart in quality. While others on the market might offer the appearance of luxury, Royal Elite delivers a substance that matches its style, ensuring a lasting comfort that you can rely on.

Superior Construction, Long-Lasting Luxury: Our duvet is designed with baffle box construction, a mark of craftsmanship that outshines mere box-stitched alternatives. Not only does this construction offer an enhanced loft, but it also ensures that the content doesn't shift around, keeping the duvet in perfect shape for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Elegance: At Royal Elite, we consider not only the comfort of our customers but the wellbeing of our planet. Your duvet arrives encased in a reusable cotton bag, reflecting our ongoing commitment to an eco-friendly environment. We don't just create bedding; we believe in nurturing a responsible legacy.

Authentic Canadian Quality: As proud members of the Down Association of Canada and a reputable name in the industry for nearly 30 years, Royal Elite stands for authentic Canadian quality. We don't play games with words; our 'Canadian' isn't just a label but a testament to our deep-rooted values, trust, and integrity.

Indulge in the Royal Elite Premium Microfiber Duvet, an embodiment of luxurious comfort and ethical craftsmanship. In a world of fleeting trends and questionable quality, we offer you something timeless and genuine. Because with Royal Elite, you're not just buying a duvet; you're investing in a heritage of sleep excellence.

Sleep Better. Live Better. Choose Royal Elite. Experience the embrace of true Canadian luxury.

  • Filled with 100% microfiber polyester fibre – 0.7 denier
  • 100% fine cotton shell that is woven with 233 thread count percale
  • Baffle-box construction prevents contents from shifting
  • Reinforce seams with double stitching around the duvet comforter
  • Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® label
  • Reusable cotton bag
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Imported
  • Machine washable on cool settings
  • Recommend to breathe this duvet for about 12 hours before placing it in the duvet cover. This process will help it breathe and plump up
  • Do not machine wash this duvet
  • Recommend spot cleaning with Zero® or Woolite® soap for spills or stains
  • For ultimate freshness, leave the duvet outside away from the sun for a few hours
  • Recommend throwing the duvet into a dry on fluff setting and then shake it once done
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