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Premium Down Pillows

When completing your bedding set, you can't forget to choose the ideal pillow so you'll be enveloped in cormorant and Blix from the moment you lay down your head. We offer a selection of Canada regular down, chamber lock, and Hutterite down pillows.

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  1. Royal Elite - White Down Chamber Lock Pillow
    Royal Elite - White Down Chamber Lock Pillow
    As low as $152.15 Regular Price $179.00
  2. Royal Elite - Canadian Hutterite White Down Pillow
    Royal Elite - Canadian Hutterite White Down Pillow
    As low as $211.65 Regular Price $249.00
  3. Royal Elite - Premium Down Pillow
    Royal Elite - Premium Down Pillow
    As low as $114.75 Regular Price $135.00

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Our Best in Class Duck Down Pillows are known to provide great neck and back support that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Full and comfortable, these wonderful Duck Down Pillows offers finest comfort so you can sleep soundly throughout the night. We work extremely hard to curate these Pillows from our affordable Duck Down Pillow to our unique design White Duck Down Chamber Lock Pillow that has over 600+ loft. You can also customize the firmness to your liking only at Maholi. Lastly our luxurious Hutterite White Duck Down Pillows are filled with famous super soft Hutterite White Duck Down boasting over 800+ fill power, this Best in Class Pillow offers superior support throughout the night!

All of our Duck Down Pillows are constructed with Down-Proof 100% cotton shell that are highly breathable for all night comfort, yet prevents content from escaping. All our Pillows are Hypoallergenic for sleepers with sensitive skin. Don’t worry, we thought about you as well. These Down Pillows are DOWNMARK® certified that come baring DOWNMARK® and OEKO-TEX® labels. This is an easily recognizable symbol that shows we meet Canada’s highest standards when it comes to Down and harmful free substances for all our bedding essentials.

Our ethical supply chain has undergone rigorous treatment to ensure this type of Duck Down are hypoallergenic, breathable, and comply with all the strictest principles from the international standards of ethics and sustainability. Comfort, Craftsmanship, Social Responsibility, and Traceability run deep in our blood. As a brand, Maholi® is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100Responsible Down Standard (RDS®)Global Recycled Standard (GRS®), and Canadian Down Standard (CDS) certified, and on top of that, we have been an active board member of the Down Association of Canada since our beginning in 1994. If you’re looking for more background information about the down industry, this association is known as one of the best sources in the world for accurate facts about down and feathers. We track our sources and suppliers every step of the way to ensure our naturally luxurious materials come from ducks and geese that are treated humanely.