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Organic Cotton Sheet Sets

Sheets that are designed for peace!!

Come, and lay in the tranquil space while you have the sumptuous organic cotton sheets beside you from Maholi Inc. in Canada. Intensely soft and lofty, the sheets are pleasant to look at and gentle to sleep on.

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  1. Maholi - 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set
    Maholi - 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set
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  2. Maholi - 100% Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set
    Maholi - 100% Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set
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Welcome to the uppermost bedding store station Maholi Inc. which produces the bedding material that gives you intense warmth and tranquility to offer you a quality good night's sleep. We offer the highest quality organic cotton sheets range in U.S.A and Canada, that suits your room aesthetics and also your body needs. The product range is curated using only the finest organic cotton so that you feel the best while you are sleeping in your bedroom. This particular assortment is available in a variety of sizes, including twin, double, Queen, and King. The thread count ranges from 300 to 400, and the depth of sheets is available in 15" and 17" depths. Buy this plush range for sale online at our platform.

Enjoy your bedtime like never before, as the sheets are crisp and cool and get better with time when you wash them. The classic-looking organic cotton sheets look so adorable and soothing that you get the most serene sleep while you lay on these. Buttery soft, and silky-smooth, these sheets are great for snuggling and come with the breathability factor that helps the sleepers to stay cool in the summer nights and warm in the winters. Now you can say Ciao to sweating at night. The fabric will invite you to stay in bed for longer every time.

Certified Organics

We are committed to producing our range with certified organics such as RDS (Responsible Down Standard). Reliability is our priority; thus, we use only mature poultries in curating our assortment. Our products always remain free of harmful chemicals and pesticides and meet the highest ecological and social standards.

You might also be wondering about what a thread count is. It's actually the number of vertical as well as horizontal threads in one square inch of fabric. There are several companies that mention a higher number of thread counts in their products which is just a marketing gimmick. But besides the thread count, there are also other factors that impact the quality of bedding sheets such as raw materials, weaving expertise, and fabric construction. You would get a luxurious range of organic cotton sheets from Maholi Inc. that comes with distinguished thread counts like 300, and 400.

Apart from being the coziest ones and the ones that offer intense comfort, we offer a perfectly curated eco-friendly assortment that supports a healthy lifestyle. You will also experience numerous health benefits when using our products, such as skin rejuvenation. The fabric is so soft and soothing that your skin will thank you, and the range is free of toxic dyes that can irritate the skin. In addition, your mental and physical health improves over time. When you wake up the following day, you will have a well-rested mind and a happier body. As a result, our organic cotton sheets are responsible for providing you with incredible health benefits, allowing you to sleep well and live well.