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Egyptian Cotton Sheets

No matter how good or bad your day has been, you deserve a bedding solution that puts you in sweet dreams every time. Sleep is a precious commodity that no one can afford to lose. “Your health, peace of mind, and happiness indirectly depend on the quality of your sleep- Maholi.” This is something we at Maholi deeply care about. Our bedding products, such as our Egyptian cotton sheets, feature qualities that make every sleep a satisfying experience. Sleeping over them will give you a  smooth, soft and luxurious feel like never touched before! Grab them from our online store, with a history of offering only the best.

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Egyptian Cotton Comfort for Dreamy Nights

Egyptian cotton is cultivated from the fertile banks of the Nile River. Famous for being the longest river, the cotton produced nearby is of long fibres. This is the stand-out quality, which makes them an ideal choice for bed sheets. When you compare the Egyptian cotton sheets in Canada to others, you can feel the difference. The long fibres used in making these sheets contribute to an extra soft, smooth and durable feel.

Even among Egyptian bed sheets, the quality can vary. This is due to the number of threads used in making them. A Higher thread count can translate to a smoother and more lustrous finish, but that’s not all. You need to look for the sewing method, the craftsmanship and a few other factors while shopping for the perfect one. However, the combination of long fibres with a high thread count is always valued. The Egyptian cotton fitted sheets of such type provide extra value to your investment. Once bought, you can expect them to provide the same luxurious feel even after years of regular use. 

Our bedding products are selected only after it passes the quality tests. Whether you care for softness, weight, texture, durability, or overall feel, our sheets stand at the 1st position in all these metrics. The hardship that goes into the weaving can truly be appreciated once you lay over them. Your body will love to stretch all over to feel the opulent touch again and again. 

Sleeping feels dreamy when your bedding product supports you from up (duvets) and below (sheets). You want to have a bed sheet that does not slip often, is good for the skin, and does not feel warm during summer. This is a set of quality which you get for sure with our Egyptian cotton sheets for sale now. The sheets we offer are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and with a thread count of your choice. Explore our online store and choose a bed sheet which aligns with your dreamy sleep haven. Order our “Egyptique” (Egypt + Unique) sheets to sleep better and wake up feeling content every morning.